ARNEIS - Software Architecture

This document details the planned Software Architecture that will be developed for the ARNEIS project.

The software architecture of the ARNEIS project will be based on microservices running on the ARNEIS Kubernetes cluster.

Architecture of the ARNEIS cluster

The ARNEIS cluster is based on Kubernetes.

For simplicity we chose to deploy the ARNEIS cluster using K3s.

K3s (or “Lightweight Kubernetes”) is a simplified installation of the Kubernetes distribution built for IoT and Edge computing.

K3s is an Open Source project started and maintained by (now part of SUSE).

Planned topology of the ARNEIS K3s cluster

Server Node[s]

  1. VM arneis-vm01

  2. (optional) 2x additional VM to provide High Availability?

Agent Nodes

  1. The same host acting as main K3s server (primary agent)

  2. VM arneis-vm02 on the cloud

  3. RPi4 on each instance of ARNEIS edge system

Services to be deployed on the ARNEIS cluster

The following services are expected to be deployed on the ARNEIS cluster: